White Papers

The Benefits of LogiSwitch's NoBounce Technology

This paper discusses the risks that switch bounce and noise can have on a system and how NoBounce™ technology eliminates these threats and delivers clean, no bounce inputs to the system. This is accomplished by a proprietary set of algorithms that are continuously adapting to the switch’s ever-changing characteristics delivering a clean noise free and debounce free signal to the system over the lifetime of the system and over the wide range of operating conditions. Designing in NoBounce eliminates the risk of noise and switch bounce induced failures.

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Polling vs. Interrupt Driven Switch Service Routines

A Guide to the advantages and disadvantages of the polled method and the interrupt method for various switch applications.

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VisiShield WorkBench, a More Efficient Platform for Arduino Breadboarding

LogiSwitch has developed the VisiShield™ family of products to simplify the breadboarding of your Arduino projects and to make the breadboard design and debug more efficient.

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Electrical Switch Terminology
This is a very indepth blog by Clive Maxfield on electrical switch terminology. Clive is a member of our Technical Advisory Board.

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