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How to Eliminate Switch Bounce

  April 2021 By: Michael H. Pelkey, Founderand CEO, LogiSwitch There are five basic methods for debouncing switches using single pole-single throw (SPST), or single pole-double throw (SPDT) switches. In this article, Michael describes the two methods for SPDT switches...

Electronic Design – 11 Myths About Switch Bounce/Debounce

February 23, 2021 An often-overlooked issue, “switch bounce” can become particularly problematic in safety- and mission-critical systems. Thus, the need for “switch debounce” tactics. This article debunks myths that surround both of them. Clive "Max" Maxfield What...

January Newsletter

Mike's CornerMike Pelkey Founder & CEO, LogiSwitchWe had major accomplishments last quarter: LogiSwitch products are available on Digi-Key Added an impressive technical advisory board Good growth of our NoBounce™ debounce products in the industrial control and...

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