About LogiSwitch

Like most companies these days, LogiSwitch is a virtual company with engineering, support, marketing, and sales located throughout the United States.  Our headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada and most of our manufacturing is located in Southern California.

Our Story

LogiSwitch was founded in 2016 by Mike Pelkey, a serial inventor and entrepreneur who has a long engineering career in industrial automation. LogiSwitch’s NoBounce™ line of ICs and switches is a result of his 40+ year career in electronic design engineering where he developed switch bounce solutions for automation applications.

Mike has a passion for simplifying  complex problems. Being the consummate engineer, Mike entered the maker space and started working on Arduino projects. He was frustrated by the rats nest of wires that complicates the develoment and debug of Arduino breadboards.

The VisiShield™ line of Arduino prototype extender boards and peripherals was driven by his experience with Arduino. He knew that there was a more efficient way to prototype.


Mike Pelkey

Founder & CEO

Steve Pollock

VP, Sales and Marketing

Tom Anderson

Technical Advisory Board

Clive "Max" Maxfield

Technical Advisory Board